• Jun: the lab received funding from the RGC GRF for the project entitled, "TNF-α orchestrates experience-dependent balancing of excitation-inhibition in the olfactory cortex"!

  • Jan: Esther joined the lab as PhD student. Welcome, Esther!



  • Aug: Hehai successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Jiang!!

  • Jun: the lab received funding from the RGC GRF for the project entitled, "Hunger-dependent control of olfactory cortical circuits regulates food-seeking behavior" with top score!

  • May: Geoff started in the newly established Dept of Neuroscience, the first of its kind in HK.

  • Mar: the lab received funding from the Shenzhen govt for the General Basic Research Program on depression!

  • Feb: unfortunately, all GRC conferences in Hong Kong in 2020 were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. See you all in 2022!




  • Oct: Hehai presented his work at the Biannual Chinese Neuroscience Meeting at Suzhou.

  • Sep: Pablo Fuentealba (Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Chile) visited the lab and Dept.

  • Jul: Huiqi ZHANG joined as PhD student. Charles Chen (U of Toronto) and Victor Yang (U of Chicago) joined as summer intern. Welcome all!

2019 ▲


  • 20-22 Nov: Geoff was an invited speaker at a conference, "Recent progress on the mechanisms of neurological dysfunction in epilepsy", held by the Chilean Society of Biology and Chilean Society for Neurscience at Puerto Varas, Chile.

  • Sep: Huanhuan LI has joined the lab as PhD student. Welcome Huanhuan!

  • Jul: The lab received an Early Career Scheme funding from HK RGC for the project entitled "Inhibitory gating of neural circuits for dynamic representation of distinct odor features"!

  • Linda (U of Toronto) started as summer intern. Welcome, Linda!

2018 ▲


  • Sep: Hehai (Bernard) and Anni started as PhD students, and Stephanie started as FYP student. Welcome all!

  • Jul/Aug: Profs. Cynthia Moss (Johns Hopkins) and Robert B. Illing (Freiburg) gave talks at BMS.

  • Jul: CityU BMS hosted its first Research Summer Camp.

  • Jun: Chloe presented her undergraduate work at the College of Science and Engineering Discovery and Innovation Gala. She also started as RA in the lab.

  • Jun: Geoff gave a talk at Capital Medical University, Beijing.

  • Apr: Geoff gave a talk at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Science. Guest speakers included Jens Rehfeld (Copenhagen) and Tomas Hökfelt (Karolinska Institutet).

  • Mar: Congrats to undergraduate Chloe for submitting her Final Year Project dissertation!


  • March 2017: Manuscript entitled "Distinct projection patterns of different classes of layer 2 principal neurons in the olfactory cortex" archived at bioArxiv online!

2017 ▲


  • Dec: Harry Choi started as RA. Welcome Harry!

  • Nov: Prof. Arthur Konnerth (Institute of Neuroscience, TUM, Munich) delivered a seminar at BMS.

  • Oct: Arthur Chiu started as RA. Welcome Arthur!

  • 15-16 Aug: Sir Colin Blakemore (Oxford, MRC) delivered a series of lectures at CityU on visual perception and brain development.


  • Jul: Geoff went to Xichang and Jinping of Sichuan province to attend a CityU-led conference on material science, nanoscience and neuroscience.


  • 18 May: Geoff gave a presentation on PV neurons at the HKU Neuroscience Symposium "Nature and nurture in brain functions". Yang Dan, King-Wai Yau and Michael Häusser were some of the distinguished speakers.

  • March 2016: Geoff's lab opened its doors at CityU


2016 ▲


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