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For Postdoctoral Fellow, a PhD degree in engineering/neuroscience/biology is required.

One postdoc position is available!


For prospective PhD students, 3 PhD tracks are available: (1) Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, (2) Department of Biomedical Sciences PhD programme or (3) the Interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Veterinary Sciences, a programme offered by the CityU in collaboration with Cornell University. More info about pursuing a PhD degree can be found at the CityU School of Graduate Studies website. Students with outstanding GPA, globally ranked universities, publications and minority groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Qualities required: interest in neuroscience; Strong command of written and spoken English; strong organizational and interpersonal skills; self motivation and strong work ethics.

Qualities highly desirable: command of MATLAB, brain electrophysiology (in vivo or in vitro), optogenetics, stereotaxic surgery and injection in mice.

Please send your CV and research summary directly to Dr. Geoffrey Lau (geoff.lau@cityu.edu.hk).

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Office: To Yuen Building, Rm 1B-203
Office Phone: +852 3442-4345

Lab: Academic 1 (Yeung), B2318 (blue zone, near lift 9)
Lab phone: +852 3442-6225

Dept. of Neuroscience
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